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Sailor's Warning 30 x 48 wrapped canvas (resin)

Sailor's Warning 30 x 48 wrapped canvas (resin)


My all time favorite piece to date. The journey was great, this piece went through quite the transformation. We both grew. It’s funny how there is just a magical moment when you know it’s done.

My sister asked for a painting with orange in it. The first pour wasn’t her favorite so I made her something else and kept working this one for myself. Eleven pours later, I was in love. You can actually see the ridge of that bronzy (made up word…lol), golden mountain with a hint of gold glitter settling right at the crest. When the light hits this right, you can see movement in the resin itself as each terrain segways to the next. In order to build on that feeling I added a little sand at the bottom, that bit of texture really made this feel complete. I can’t wait to see a picture of this painting in your house.

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